Project Center

  • All your tasks, notes and to-dos.
  • Structured.
  • In one place.


Work on desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Your data will always be in sync.


Create rich task descriptions and text notes.

Add to-dos, bookmarks, attachments and tags.

Team(s) player

Works seamlessly with MS Teams.

Track your time

With built-in time management, you always have control over the time already spent on a project.

A brief history of project management

One of the biggest hurdles we constantly experience when working together with clients in medium and even large organizations, is an inconsistent and inefficient way of organizing projects:

Mails containing notes for the new project are exchanged 
between the people responsible.

Collections of notes, tasks and assets are jammed into places 
where they don’t really belong:

  • Mail threads
  • Word documents
  • Excel Spreadsheets (yes, you can even cram screenshots of design 
concepts into a table cell…;-))

The problem:
This content is Dead On Arrival.

Nothing can easily be reused.

Chaos, meet structure

Starting with the first phone call, MS Teams session or live meeting, all data can instantly be
put into a task or note where content can be further structured for easy discovery and later reuse:

  • Add bookmarks to relevant Information in external sources
  • Easily import assets like Office documents, images or videos
  • Assign team members
  • Add as many subtasks as needed

Subtasks have the same features as main tasks:

  • Assign individual users and groups
  • Timesheets for easy time management

Knowledge - managed

The data structure improves while the projects moves along:
Nothing needs to be entered twice.

The more detailed the project and its development phases become, the more detailed the task structure gets.

Get up to speed

New team members who need to be updated to the current state of affairs can be directed to one source, where all data regarding the project is collected in a structured and easy to read way.

Powerful UI

The UI makes structuring your content a breeze.

Create rich text content, add tags for topics, customers and more.

Assign team members for tasks and subtasks.

Add bookmarks and assets like office documents or images.

Content filters

Need to find information to a certain topic or project?

Just set a filter to find exactly what you need.

You can even chain filters together to create complex searches.

Batch mode

To create multiple new tasks to structure a new project, use the Quick Entry mode.

UI Customization

Always want quick access to you work list entries?

Just attach them to the options panel.